Mini Handheld Sewing Machine

Mini Handheld Sewing Machine

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Mini Handheld Sewing Machine

Portable Mini portable sewing stapler – sewing machine is a small utility nice and which can be used for small repairs, instead of dragging out a largesewing machine. Mini sewing machine can be used in any fabric, including cotton, polyester, silk and even nylon.

Sewing machine brands by hand is a small, handy, lightweight and easy to carry around a piece.

Now you can sew, repair, and work on other small projects with ease
Without dragging out the sewing machine over-sized your own.
Best sewing machine is great for students and handy while traveling.


Type: Mini Sewing Machine
Automatic feed: feeding needle
Stitch formation: Handy stitch
Overall Dimensions: 11 cm × 2.5 cm × 7 cm
Stitch length: 0.1 cm
Portable sewing machine can be used to repair encircles or shortened trousers
You can work on all fabrics
Compact in size, portable, easy to use

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